Ashmii is a team of experts in the field of exterior and interior services. We do the various facade services by using glass & aluminum materials. We have a team which is specialized in specification advice, design, build, installation and project management. Our main motive is to take care of our customers by providing them with complete satisfaction through our work. Our clients are assured that every step of the way, they get to work with the very most talented people in their field, whose attention to detail, reliable work and professional attitude are guaranteed. Moreover, we also have our clients in various sectors like commercial, industrial and healthcare.

We are operating across South India, mainly focused in the cities like Coimbatore, Chennai, Kerala & Bangalore. However, we assure that we can provide the services without any concern about the location of your project and as per your requirements at a short notice as well.


Ashmii contractors are committed to helping clients to accomplish their goals, by taking care of all quality specification and public safety. Materials used for installation are highly meant for their good capacity and weather resistance capability, as our materials have been tested and approved by the architect. We are well known to maintain a good record of cost control and timely completion.

Benefits Of Choosing Ashmii

Timely Completion

Cost Control

Better Quality


Structural Glazing

Aluminum Composite Panels

Spider Glazing

Aluminum Glass Doors

Automatic Glass Doors

Curtain Wall Glazing

Quality Specification

Aluminum Windows

Frame Less Glass Doors


Internal Glass Partition

Fixed Glazing

2/2 Grid Ceiling

Gypsum Ceiling

Aluminum Louvres





Within the past years, we were able to earn a good reputation and have provided the level of service that our clients can rely on us. There has been a proven record of our performance given by Ashmii for many of the Exterior & Interior services.

Commercial & retail



Mixed use