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Are you on the lookout for a cost-effective and brilliant solution for the best contemporary glass design? Well, you need to check out the structural glass glazing which is becoming a huge rage. So, what is structural glazing?

 Definition Of Structural Glazing

In their simplest form, a structural glazing system is a simple curtain wall system containing glasses. These glasses are either anchored or bonded back to structures. Do you know how these glasses are tied? It is without using any kind of continuous gasketed caps or aluminum pressure plates. Also, another best part of the structural glazing glasses are, they are made from laminated, monolithic, triple glazed glass (TGU) or dual-glazed glass DGU units (IGU).

In addition, the backup structure of the structural glass glazing uses vertical or horizontal aluminum mullions or even sometimes the steel blade, glass mullion, stainless steel rod or cable. Here, the exterior and interior use the EPDM or extruded silicone gaskets.Furthermore, sometimes a wet sealed silicone will be used and these are based on the system. So, with such a kind of system, an extensive clean and flush exterior appearance can be created while the interiors have many types of options which depend on one’s budget as well as the design need. Ashmii offers a wide range of exterior and interior services in Coimbatore.

Why Should You Go For Structural Glass Glazing ?

Unlike other glass systems you come across, there is something different or unique about structural glazing system. Besides providing a greater transparency compared to the traditional captured systems, these structural glazing glasses bring in less visual interruptions. This is due to the lack of the presences of metal at the exterior (and even to an extent in the interior too), thereby creating a continuous and seamless glass look.

With regard to the traditional captured curtain wall systems, they have pressured caps and plates. These conduct a huge amount of heat out or in of the facade and this simply depends on the season.

As there is little to no amount of exposed exterior metal, there is even less thermal bridging along with structural glazing, thereby saving a huge amount in terms of energy consumption cost. Another interesting advantage of structural glazing is that it is frameless. Yes! You might be surprised to know that the lack of frame saves the required support need while installation, as the structural glazing glass, is quite strong and thick.

Rather having a frame, the glasses are fastened on the structure of the building by bespoke fixing details which suit the makeup of the building. Keep in mind that these so-called fixing elements are nothing but hidden channels and are similar to the steel angles. So, it ensures that the glass is well placed and fixed on to a building. Also, the fixing elements are concealed by the finish of the building, thereby providing you with a good and proper glass installation.

If you are looking for having a frameless glass facade or glass box structure containing a huge glass, you need to think about the budget of the project as well as the access to the site. Now this will provide designers as well as architecture with the required scope for coming up with something innovative and striking building design using structural glass glazing.

Winding Up

Structural glazing is indeed a unique and different glass design. So, go ahead and try it and make your office or home more elegant and stylish. We have been in business for  a decade and have many satisfied and happy customers for structural glazing services in Coimbatore.