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What is ACP? Well, there are various questions you might come across especially when you have doubts regarding coating sheets that you use for building and construction. ACP which is known as Aluminium composite panel (ACP) is made from the aluminium composite material (ACM) and these are fat panels containing two thinly coated aluminium sheets. These sheets are attached to the non-aluminium core and often utilized for the facade or external cladding of building, signage and insulation.

Unlike other construction materials, these aluminium panels are used for internal and external architecture partitions or cladding, machine covering, curtain wall rod, false ceilings, container constructions, etc. Frankly, the usage of the aluminum composite panels isn’t limited to the building. Even cladding (external)  is commonly used in various forms of facade like false ceilings, partitions, aluminium wall panels, etc.

Furthermore, the ACP is used in the signage industry, especially, alternative to more expensive and heavier aluminium panels. You might be surprised to know that the ACP is quite light-weight however, a sturdy material which is commonly used in the construction of buildings and even sometimes in designing various transient structures similar to the trade show booths and other kinds of temporary elements.

Recently, people have been using it as backing material, especially for mounting the fine art photography, the ones which have the acrylic finish that are created using processes like Diasec and other kinds of face-mounting methods.

Interesting Facts About Aluminium Composite Panel

  • Various Colors

Do you know that the ACP is available in about 40 kinds of various colors? Also, one can easily create custom colors, so that it can easily fit to the required building application. The best part is that designers can select the various looks like copper, aluminium, stainless steel or zinc color. Also, you might find it tough to find any other building material which can provide easy and attractive design flexibility with modern and clean lines that easily withstands the test of time.

  • Lightweight

You might be surprised to know that the aluminium composite panels finished weight is roughly about 2.5 pounds for each square foot, which is after the installation is done. Also, compared with other materials, these can be very much lightweight with huge durability and even longevity.

  • Sustainable

It is a great choice to select aluminium composite panel for building as one needs sustainable building materials. Also, the building materials are created using about 85% recycle and reused aluminium material. In addition, based on which state you are residing, sometimes you might qualify for certain percentage tax credits. You can get even LEED credits if the building you are constructing uses such kind of building material.

  • Fire Resistant

For addressing the current building codes all around the world, the ACP is present with cores which are created from fire resistant materials. Here, the core is created for meeting the codes of huge buildings like high rise buildings and skyscrapers so that it can ensure non-combustible materials are commonly used for satisfying the requirement of the building applications. So, while you are buying the specific kind of aluminium composite panels, you must make sure to check out the specifications with regard to fire, for making sure that it satisfies the code requirements of your state. We have good reputation of public safety and   standardized quality specification methods.

Advantages Of ACP

Some of the basic advantages of using aluminium composite panels are

  • Compared to other composite panels, this is durable, rigid and strong even though it is light in weight.

  • This is an economical cladding material when compared to various other options that are available in the market.

  • The method of application is hassle free and easy. Also, you can get the material in standard sizes, making the transportation of materials on the site very easy and simple.

  • It is stain resistant, unbreakable and even weather resistant.

  • Also, such kind of aluminium composite panels are present in various finishes and colors. You can replicate the aluminium color and texture to natural wood and stone very efficiently.

Wrapping Up

Aluminium composite panels are the perfect choice if you are thinking of building robust and light-weight buildings. Even though they are susceptible to dents while there is hurricanes and storms, still there are quality and well-known building suppliers who even reinforce panels using special kind of threads to avoid any kind of damage. So, go ahead and choose us for ACP contractor service in Coimbatore as we can provide quality cladding and eye catchy look to the building.