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Are you looking for an innovative and beautiful way to make your home or apartment look livelier?

Do you want to make your home comfy and ambiance filled in an economic way? Let’s see. It is not that difficult and if you have good knowledge about glazing features or the assistance of a good contractor or interior designer, you are on the right track.

What Is A Curtain Wall?

Curtain walls are an outer covering of a building that protects the occupant from the harsh weather conditions. Most of the manufacturers create curtain walls from light material, making it durable and economical.

How Curtain Wall Glass Makes Your Building Attractive?

If you are on the lookout of an economical way of making your house or apartment more vibrant and attractive, then curtain wall glazing is a perfect choice. Curtain wall is one of the economic methods of providing the glazed façade to your building or apartment. Most people use the latest insulating glass units as it prevents and helps in controlling the internal temperature. Also, it allows the natural light to penetrate your building or home making it comfy for your living.

Best Part Of Using Glazed Curtain Wall

There are various advantages of using glass curtain wall. Frankly, if you plan on using glazed curtain wall, then you can do a variety of things like controlling the temperature, light level, etc of your room. And the best part is that these glazed curtain walls are easy to clean.

Now, most of the curtain wall glazing is fixed, so it means that there is no access to the exterior of your apartment or building beside from the door. But you do have the option to glaze the vents or windows to the curtain wall system so that there is enough ventilation or make the windows operable. The best part of using curtain wall glazing is that all window types can be easily fit into a curtain wall system.

Types Of Curtain Wall Glazing

Depending on the manufacturing process and the skills of the manufacturer, curtain wall glazing varies in terms of durability, price, safety, impact resistance, etc. Some of the most common types of Glass curtain wall are –

  • Float Glass

This glass was introduced in the late 1950s by Alastair Pilkington. Float glass was one of the revolutionizing glass material which made buildings more attractive and bright. The breakthrough float process allows the creation of huge glass sheets which easily characterizes the construction of the curtain wall glass.

For making the glass thick, some manufacturers add molten glass into a bath of tin, where it moves along the surface, creating a robust and smooth glass that is tough. Float glass is suitable for apartments and areas where it is windy.

  • Annealed Glass

A highly resistant glass, this annealed glass usually undergoes various stages of heating and cooling process. And this is the reason it is quite resistant. However, annealed glass aren’t that much resistant compared to the float glass, as it often breaks into sharp pieces and most building and planning authorities limit its use during construction.

  • Tempered Glass

This glazed curtain wall is quite robust and shatters resistant. Here, it is thermally or chemically treated to provide the feature of unbreakable to an extent. When on impact, tempered glass (i.e. by a huge force) will shatter into tiny pieces and won’t cause that much injury compared to the larger shards.

  • Heat-Strengthening & Chemically Strengthened Glass

In terms of strength, both chemically and heat strengthening glass lies between tempered and annealed glass. But unlike the tempered glass, when shattered, heat and chemically strengthened glass can be sharp. So, it is much suitable if you have a room that is limited access or used less frequently.

  • Laminated Glass

Unlike other glass curtain wall, here it bonds on two or more sheets of glass to an interlayer of plastic. And generally, the common plastic used is PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral). This makes the glass more robust and durable.

So, the glass will be in place even if it is broken. Most contractors and interior designers use laminated glass in hurricane-prone areas or areas where one needs blast protection.

So, Is Curtain Wall System Worth Your Time & Investment

Now, if you really want to make your home looks attractive and beautiful, then curtain wall glazing Coimbatore can be a great choice. It is neat, clean and easy to install. And most important some of the types of curtain wall glasses are durable and resistant to force. Most importantly, these glazing glasses are economical. However, it is better if you consult with your interior designer or contractors before installing one.